24909799_10155086025171099_5906572482872419812_nIt’s me, Gillian!

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. After graduating high school, I had the opportunity to relocate to the United States. Since then, I’ve been living in Houston, Texas. Now, a recent university graduate with a Marketing degree and a minor in Management Leadership, I’m working full-time for Houston’s largest independent accounting firm.

I could never have imagined how much I would grow and the challenges I would overcome over these past five years in America! I love looking back at the person I was when I arrived and the young professional I have grown to be. I live my life in Houston with my wonderful boyfriend. We have our hands full with a four month old puppy, a German Shepard with more emotions than me, and two old lazy cats.

Come read all about my thoughts, rants and struggles ๐Ÿ™‚