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New Orleans, Louisiana

Last week, myself and fourteen other marketing students took a Greyhound bus from Houston to New Orleans. While the Greyhound is a great, affordable way to travel, I will try not do it again as I was the lucky one who spent 8 hours sitting next to the toilet – it was no fun. And the road trip sounds like an exciting part of the journey but after an hour, with seven hours left to go, it is no fun.

Where were we going? We were on our way to compete at the American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference with 360 other schools. I was not entirely sure what to expect but I was really hoping for a great time because it cost me a small fortune to get there.

Honesty, I did not expect the feelings of belonging that came from being surrounded by so many chapters from across the United States who are all a part of the same marketing organization that changed my life. Everyone was extremely friendly and easy to talk with. Everyone was interested in everyone else’s chapters, schools and what their life was like across the country. We all came together with this one marketing thing in common and so much else that set us apart.

Another thing I did not expect was to bond with those that travelled with me from my own AMA chapter. I was formally on our chapter’s Executive Board but even after then I did not know that I would gain even deeper friendships with those that I had seen almost every day!

I participated in the Stukent Digital Marketing Simulation. I found it a fantastic was to practice real-world marketing situations and to see the results of your decisions! I learned so much in that short time. I really appreciate the opportunity I had to compete and to share a table with an AMA chapter from Hawaii.

Apart from the marketing conference, I really enjoyed experiencing New Orleans. We had day trips walking the bus street, stopping for amazing food and bottomless mimosas overlooking Jackson Square and the jazz music that surrounded the streets. The beignets from Café Du Monde were honestly one of the greatest things I’ve ever tasted!! I had a really tasty vegetable stew at Oceana Grill and, of course, I had to try a Hurricane. My verdict? I liked it!

Bourbon Street was very crowded and not the cleanest place in the world but I definitely think everyone has to experience it at least once in their life. But make sure to keep your purse secure! My friend had her wallet swiped from her purse without feeling a thing and we were 100% sober.

And this, my good friends, was a short summary of my trip to NOLA! I am so grateful to have experienced a trip with so many motivated students, all planned and overseen by all of us. We took care of each other and we will continue to support future AMAzing members of the American Marketing Association aka fAMAly. #amaicc

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