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Preparing for College Graduation

With Graduation almost a month away (I cannot believe it), I think of how I could have made this transition to out of college/full-time professional easier. Here are some tips for surviving your last few semesters/months of college:

  1. Join a Professional Organization

I cannot stress the importance of this first step enough! I joined the American Marketing Association in my third year of college and WOW do I regret not doing it sooner. It is a fantastic way to meet new people, boost your resume, give you valuable experience in your career field, and you get the support from others who have been in your shoes – they know how to survive Statistics! I know it sounds like something you’ve heard many times before but if you immerse yourself in the community, it will change your experience entirely.

  1. Have a plan A, B, C & D

If you are like me and stress about things that do not need to be stressed about, then you will appreciate this step. If you have a plan A, then you know where to aim. If you have a plan B, then you have a good back up if plan A alters. If you have a plan C, then you have something to catch you while you try get back on course. Lastly, if you have a plan D, then you have something that can support you while you reassess your plan and recreate a new plan A. There is no need to stress if you have your plans. Work as hard as you can toward your plan A but know that things will be okay in the end. It’s not a race.

  1. Get to Know Yourself

It’s scary applying for full-time jobs for after graduation. You’re forced to think about the path you want to set yourself toward. I found myself considering how far I wanted to commute to my future job, would I be relocating in the next three years, did I want to work remotely, what could change in my life in the next three years that I should consider. It is good to take time to learn what you enjoy and how you work best. Find out what work motivates you and what could possibly lead you to be unhappy. Learn about yourself and the person you want to grow to be.

  1. Schedule Your Graduation Pictures

Photographers fill up quickly toward the end of the semester so keep your eyes and ears out for a good photographer that can give you the graduation memories you want and go and GRAB them. Lock them down for a date and don’t give it away. Also, have a list of all the places you want to take pictures so you can make the most of your photographer’s time. If you re in the Houston area, Spur B Ranch is an AMAZING photographer. She made me feel so comfortable when I was completely out of my element.

  1. Plan Your Outfit

Do not leave your shopping until last minute! The closer your graduation day becomes, the closer your finals come. Unfortunately, it’s a win-lose. Find your dress/suit one week, find your shoes the next week, make sure you can stand in your shoes (ladies, make sure you won’t sink into the ground with your shoes), and plan your special graduation dinner and ceremonies early.

  1. You Still Need to Pass

Don’t forget to give time and attention to the classes you are still currently enrolled in. The end is near but you still have to work a little. I aimed to jump into the next Latin Honors bracket so that was the motivation I needed to achieve good grades my last semester. Find your motivation and give it your all!

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