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6 Tips to Conquer Early Mornings as a Working Adult

When searching the web, the topics I always look for first are productivity hacks. I know how important it is to start your day off right and on the mornings when I put the right tips into practice, I see the influence they have on my overall day. I’ve read many different articles for improved productivity and I’ve found many that overlap in some ways, while others offered ideas I’d love to incorporate but honestly would never have the time to put into practice. – Yes, I would love to read blogs and workout when I wake up but once I’ve pulled myself away from the never-ending supply of fruitful content and washed off my sweaty glow, it would be noon.

I’ve tested many different routines and found 6 tips to make for a productive morning with my 6am start to the day.

  1. Plan Your Outfit the Night Before

I don’t know about you, but I cannot think at 6am so the best thing for me, and my vague fashionable reputation, is to plan my outfit the evening before. Some days I actually lay it out (maybe even iron it), but if I’m really lazy then I just plan it out in my mind.

  1. Wake Up at Your First Alarm

I absolutely hate waking up. I find it one of the hardest decisions in my day to get up and leave the warmth of my bed. You know when you first go to sleep, it takes a while to get the pillow to lay “just right” but when you wake up and you’re still so sleepy the pillow just feels perfect and amazing? Well, I’m telling you to ignore that feeling. I’m telling you to break free of that foggy ocean called your sleepy conscious and to get up and get ready. Get up and fight, get up FOR SPARTA! (Excerpt taken from my personal morning motivational mantra/argument)

  1. Don’t Think or Feel Tiredness, Just Do

Once you’ve gotten up from your bed and started moving, don’t stop. Go straight into the bathroom, wash your face, stick in your contact lenses, pop your medicinal pills, put on your chosen warrior face make up, do up your warrior hair-do, climb into your chosen outfit, add your bling, hug your cats, and move on to the kitchen!

  1. Plan/Pack Breakfast and Lunch

Personally, I cannot eat once I’ve just woken up so I normally pack something to eat once I’ve arrived at work and began to check my emails or, if I’m working at my part-time retail job, then I eat my breakfast on my first break once I’m hungry. You’ll find it most efficient to have an idea the night before what you’re going to take to eat. That way, you will end up packing something healthier. The same works if you are able to eat that early in the morning, plan it out the night before and enjoy the ease in the morning.

  1. Sit with Your Coffee

On mornings when all of the above steps have gone according to plan, then you should find yourself with a couple more minutes to spare before your scheduled time to leave for work. I like to enjoy those minutes drinking my coffee and allowing my mind to catch up with my body. Then, and only then, do I officially start to wake up. If coffee if not your drink of choice, you can enjoy a glass of water (it’s much healthier too). Many people say to add lemon to your glass of warm water in the morning buuuut I’m not there yet.

  1. Envision Conquering the Day Ahead

Last, but not least, while you’re still seated or while you’re walking/running to your car, think of the day ahead as a good day. This step is important for me because my anxiety creates this false, dark-grey cloud above my day for no reason what-so-ever, even the easiest of days can sometimes feel like a looming challenge.

Then go and enjoy your day!! Because you ROCKED your morning routine like a badass and tomorrow we’ll try again!

(I asked my boyfriend what his morning routine was – you can find it in a much shorter section below)

  1. Wake Up
  2. Make Coffee
  3. Shower
  4. Throw on Whatever Clothes
  5. Drink Coffee
  6. Go

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