I think I’m slowly getting this adulting thing.

This week I’m feeling pretty proud.

Boyfriend and I went grocery shopping last week and specifically went with meal prep in mind! Throughout last week, I’ve packed myself lunches for work and classes and MADE myself lettuce and cheese sandwiches. I really enjoyed the feeling that I took care of myself today and on some days I didn’t even need to spend money! Let’s ignore the fact that I wasted money today aimlessly browsing through ROSS….. (retail therapy!??) I did get a new workout tank top which will be constantly used… when I start working out (see featured image) ๐Ÿ™‚

My boyfriend laughed at me this morning when I came out dressed for classes in full workout gear. My response:

Dress for the life you want!

Annnnd…. because I don’t feel like wearing pants today and this is the closest alternative on a windy day. I want to become a health machine like my Ironman father!







^ that is me right now. I did download a home workout routine so I’m on the path to improvement!

Anyways, overall I’m feeling pretty good this week. I’m turning 24 on Thursday! (woohoo!) So obviously I’m in that period of ‘I have to get my life together in these three days so I can start 24 off right’ BS. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m grateful to have a great roommate/boyfriend, his beautiful dog, Keke, my fuzzy cats, Amelia and Weasley, and wonderful loving family and friends.

Tonight I’m taking the rest of the evening off and going to go watch Black Panther! Hope everyone had a romantic Valentine’s Day and HAPPY PRESIDENTS DAY!

– G & boyfriend



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