Hello February.

Already one month into 2018, can you believe it? How has your year been going? Have you stuck to your resolutions?

Honest moment: I haven’t… With 4 classes and my new marketing internship, I’ve had very little time to sleep! Never mind exercise…

I want so badly to live a healthy fit life but I am forever coming up with reasons/excuses to not get started. I’m feeling so frustrated with myself for putting my health aside every day. I haven’t given up on my resolutions yet, I’m going to keep trying.

HOWEVER, I have done one big thing already this year!


I smacked myself in the face with ADULTHOOD. It was a big step and we prepared as much as we knew how – I took to reading him numerous Pinterest articles about the Pro’s & Cons of moving-in as well as forming a “If we had to have a huge blow up argument, you shall go stay with your dad” agreement. (Its important to plan before the crazy feeling get involved). And I have to admit, so far its been really great! Not exactly easy and it has been a big adjustment for us both, but it feels healthy, we’ve placed a big focus on communication and we plan time to hang out together around our busy schedules. #datenight

One thing we’re tackling now is how to eat better on a budget. If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE send them my way! I’ve read so many articles and healthy blogs but meals are still crazy expensive. Do we really need that many ingredients for one meal? When should we cook all this food? How long can certain foods last in the fridge? When is it okay to freeze food?

Help me! I’m about to make lists of the most basic, affordable foods and rotate them around a month… ALSO, what is a good, short, home workout to factor into your day?

P.S. Are you ready for Valentine’s Day??? ❤ 

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