Where did 2017 go?

I have to apologize to all of my ‘fans’ and to myself! (Referring to my imaginary supportive fans who give me a sense of influence and allow me to feel that my Snapchat posts actually matter -LOL)

After the week of Harvey, way back when in September, I have hardly returned back to my blog that was going to give me the growth I needed. However, I am not giving up on myself. I plan to return for 2018! It is one of my many cliche resolutions that get me excited for what the new year could hold.

I like new years resolutions even though I have yet to hold onto one. I love the idea of a fresh start, a chapter break, that allows you to rethink your life. Yes, it would be healthy to reflect on a more regular occasion, but I feel the New Year mark is a good reminder for us all to stop and look.

My boyfriend commented on my spontaneous productive day, and I’ll say to you what I said to him: I’m remembering all the things I put on the back burner when life got ‘too busy’. That sentence is the reason I don’t want to give up on new years resolutions. They are things that are important to me and I will try and try again until I adopt them into my life. I may have failed years before but my resolutions are still important to me!

In 2018, I want to focus on my health. I want to live a fitter lifestyle. I want to take control of my personal finances (no more pretending it’s not a thing). I want to put my mental health first – become more mindful.

I struggle with living in the moment. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) which basically means I worry about everything all the time. I worry about what has happened, I worry about what will happen, I worry about what might happen… it’s exhausting, but it also prevents me from enjoying the present moments. I want to learn to stop, take a breath and live.

What are some of your New Years Resolutions?

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