My Story

Life after Harvey

You hear about natural disasters occurring across the world on the news all the time but to actually witness one is a different thing entirely. It changes your perspective about your possessions when you have to consider what handful of things you would take if you had to evacuate your house and leave everything else behind.

Personally, I received minor water damage to my car (the starter is out). I was lucky that my boyfriend’s house was located just high enough that the water only came up to the garage while some of his neighborhood across the street had to evacuate by helicopter. I was lucky that my apartment is on the second floor. I was lucky that the rain stopped long enough over the weekend to provide us with a path to go rescue my cats (Amelia Earhart and Ron ‘Furamir’ Weasley) from my apartment and keep them in his house with us. I was lucky that my employer would still pay us for the hours we were scheduled to work for the week of the major flooding and provided us with food over the weekend if we were able to make it in to work.

Now, with the highways almost dried up and the roads open for use, Houston is recovering. The weirdest thing I find about flooding is that the water dries up as if it were never there but leaves a whole lot of destruction behind. The University of Houston (Go Coogs!) resumes classes tomorrow and everyday life carries on. So, I am taking today to organize my calendar, gather anything I can donate and feel grateful for the things I still have with me.

I encourage everyone in Houston to volunteer and donate, even when it may feel as though your life is back to normal, because it’s going to take others years to get back to where they were before. Take time to appreciate all that you have.


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